postive-change-quote-4When I hear this comment, ‘Oh! My God you haven’t changed at all….’ I always wonder what that person is talking about! How can a person not change? People change. Situations change. Looks change. People around you change thereby you change a little. People don’t always behave the same all the time.

A person may be known for his sense of humour, maybe be for his/ her temper, for his reserved nature, for his/ her being very shy, for being talkative or vice versa. The situation in which you meet the person matters a lot.

I have always been known to people as a very reserved person, terribly quiet, shy…stuff like that. But now, I am known as a very bold, practical, responsible, unpredictable and a very cordial…person. I guess a new place, new people & marriage does something to you. A need to do things by yourself all plays a very important part in how you behave. I’m glad I am changing for the best. Art has given a new dimension to ME as a person.

Art has always had a very special place in my heart. It is the address I look up to find my calm.

I took to digital art just by chance. One really boring weekend, I wished I could paint, but I couldn’t. It was then that i looked for something that could fill this void & voilà! I found it.

I’m hooked to digital art! of course, traditional methods of painting and drawing still do hold a special place in my heart…but digital art, I love it for the sheer convenience.

Welcome to My World! Hope you enjoy the experience 🙂