Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day!

For a little lassie,

Daddy means many things.


he is the mountain that holds her;

the sun that keeps her warm;

the moon that watches over her while she sleeps;

the wind that helps her fly;

the tree that keeps her grounded;

the North Star that shows her the way, when all is not well;

the music that assures her , it will be alright;

the wave that comes crashing her enemies.

Be it in the depths of sorrow or the height of happiness

he is sure to be there!

Mommy, Daddy & Baby

Mommy, Daddy & Baby!

Mommy, Daddy & Baby!

For me Family is synonymous with love and protection.

This digital painting is dedicated to my darling daughter who is crazily in love with pink!

Therefore baby has got a Pink bow and a Pink collar.

Come, get together with Mommy, Daddy & Baby to watch the birds fly.

The Macaw

The Macaw

The Macaw

Nature is so very inspiring and colourful. It never ceases to amaze me.
Macaws are beautiful, brilliantly colored members of the parrot family.
Many macaws have vibrant plumage. The coloring is suited to life in Central and South American rain forests, with their green canopies and colorful fruits and flowers.

I Fly

I Fly

I Fly

Fly, Fly, Fly away, little butterfly
Just soar in the sky

Dance in glee,
Be wild and free!

This is your chance

To spread your wings

Show you are unique

Show you are gifted

Trust your heart

Rise hand in hand with life

Remember always;

it is the inner beauty

that makes you truly endearing