Under the Umbrella

Under the Umbrella

Under the Umbrella

Don’t we all love it when we know there is something or someone to protect us?

We move on in life with the hope that tomorrow will be even better.

The girl in this digital art represents us, the umbrella is her tangible proof that she will get through the rough weather of life.

I Fly

I Fly

I Fly

Fly, Fly, Fly away, little butterfly
Just soar in the sky

Dance in glee,
Be wild and free!

This is your chance

To spread your wings

Show you are unique

Show you are gifted

Trust your heart

Rise hand in hand with life

Remember always;

it is the inner beauty

that makes you truly endearing

Patterned Day

Patterned Day

Patterned Day

What is it but a tree you say?

Just a trunk with branches

And leaves in array.

But it is that and more for me you see

For every bough that breaks, another sprouts.

It reaches for the stars

but never a day passes

That it is in a rout.

With the sun for it’s friend,

What’s to stop it from completing the cycle of life

And create a Patterned Day?




Autumn , she is special,

for she is filled with so many hues,

red, yellow, orange & brown!

She paints a lovely picture,

so delicate, it is to view.

She saves the best for last,

before she descends into the chill




Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light….

An excerpt from the poem – Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas


postive-change-quote-4When I hear this comment, ‘Oh! My God you haven’t changed at all….’ I always wonder what that person is talking about! How can a person not change? People change. Situations change. Looks change. People around you change thereby you change a little. People don’t always behave the same all the time.

A person may be known for his sense of humour, maybe be for his/ her temper, for his reserved nature, for his/ her being very shy, for being talkative or vice versa. The situation in which you meet the person matters a lot.

I have always been known to people as a very reserved person, terribly quiet, shy…stuff like that. But now, I am known as a very bold, practical, responsible, unpredictable and a very cordial…person. I guess a new place, new people & marriage does something to you. A need to do things by yourself all plays a very important part in how you behave. I’m glad I am changing for the best. Art has given a new dimension to ME as a person.

Art has always had a very special place in my heart. It is the address I look up to find my calm.

I took to digital art just by chance. One really boring weekend, I wished I could paint, but I couldn’t. It was then that i looked for something that could fill this void & voilà! I found it.

I’m hooked to digital art! of course, traditional methods of painting and drawing still do hold a special place in my heart…but digital art, I love it for the sheer convenience.

Welcome to My World! Hope you enjoy the experience 🙂