The Tashkent Files

2019 Hindi movie who killed Shastri

The Tashkent Files

The Tashkent Files, a movie that was highly panned by the critics just got my attention. It is a style that is fresh, pacy and intriguing all once. Although this movie does not offer a definitive answer to the question ‘Who killed Shastri?’, it does manage to raise valid questions and canvases our right to know about this casually forgotten moment in history, as a citizen of india. The callous attitude shown by the then government in not diligently investigating into the mysterious demise of India’s 2nd prime minister seems vile.

The debate scenes in the movie do take you back to the English classic, 12 Angry Men. That said, these scenes stand their own and offer a quaint perspective about every character in the debate in the midst of an enquiry about Shastri’s death. Must say, the content is well researched and is sure to raise a few eyebrows on viewing. This movie had some powerful dialogues and moments that is sure to push you towards finding out what happened and why.

Went to watch it with my mom, expecting it to be drab but, was pleasantly proved wrong. It is indeed appalling to know how India’s 2nd prime minister just faded into oblivion. I, as a child had tons of pages to study about Gandhi, nehru, the ahimsa movement, the freedom struggle but, just had a line or 2 about Shastri. A pity that Shastri, who was instrumental in putting india on road to recovery, post independence, is forgotten in the pages of Indian History.

Watch the movie with an open mind. A real gem in the midst of movies like SOTY 2 and Kalank. Movies like The Tashkent Files, struggle to stand their own against the movies backed by huge production houses that hijack movie screens. Do grab the opportunity to watch, before the Tashkent Files is pulled out of the theatres. Kudos to Vivek Agnihotri’s effort in bringing this taboo topic to the young generation. My daughter is as intrigued as in am.

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