A Simple Art Studio Set Up Anyone Can Do

Someday I’d love to have my own studio. And you’ve shown me how to go about setting it up. Thank you!

Second Sight Journey

Whether you work from home, or you have a studio separate from your house, it’s so important to have your own space to be creative.

When setting up your studio, ESPECIALLY if it’s in your home, set it up so that what you need to protect from your paint mess is protected.

If you have to worry about getting paint on furniture or walls, it inhibits your creativity. I want to get completely lost in my work, and I can’t do that if I’m nervous about ruining something important.

It might be Dexter’s kill-room, or my studio with shower curtains hung up to protect the walls.

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I find that keeping my supplies organized helps me to keep my creativity flowing. There’s nothing worse than having to hunt something down in the middle of inspired fervor.

I have a large plastic Tupperware containers with drawers that are full of paints I’ve…

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The Nature Fairy

The Nature Fairy

The Nature Fairy

One lovely morning

The sun was gleaming in the sky

The trees lit up with joy

The shadows played ‘I Spy’

I saw the flowers sway

To the gentle breeze

The bees flew in threes

From flower to flower in such ease!

Oh what sight it was

to see nature work without a pause.

There was so much beauty

So much grace

My spirits just had to prance

And then I heard a mystic sound

Was it a flute, a chime, a bell?

It was hard to tell

Then came a flash,

that a thousand lights wouldn’t rehash!

There appeared a silhouette

that shimmered.

There she was,

so enthralling, so enchanting!

With a smile that could melt the sun.

Oh! That look, she got me hooked!

With every step she took,

she breathed life in every nook

and left not a single brook

lay lifeless, in despair.

Then she stopped

And stared into the distance.

There she stood

under the arching trees.

She was ready to depart.

I yearned for the magic to last,

the magic, on me, she cast.

Then for a fleeting moment,

she saw me,

As if to say, ‘I’m here, I’m everywhere’