Mommy, Daddy & Baby

Mommy, Daddy & Baby!

Mommy, Daddy & Baby!

For me Family is synonymous with love and protection.

This digital painting is dedicated to my darling daughter who is crazily in love with pink!

Therefore baby has got a Pink bow and a Pink collar.

Come, get together with Mommy, Daddy & Baby to watch the birds fly.

4 thoughts on “Mommy, Daddy & Baby

  1. Right now visiting my daughter, her husband and 1-year old baby Grace. I found this piece on your blog when I clicked on “bohemian”. Several years ago I designated Wednesdays as “Bohemian Day” in my office at a local middle school. Living in a small Midwestern town, certain forms of dress are not usually seen. But as long as I stay withing the “dress code”, I allow myself a little creative expression beyond the “usual”. One must find room for expression, even in the most normative places. God bless you!

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